Carpet Care & Maintenance

There are three basic rules to follow when caring for your carpet flooring. They can help you get the most out of your carpet flooring for years to come. The three rules are: regular cleaning, vacuuming, and dealing with spills immediately. Read along and catch other carpet care tips that you should follow to make sure your carpet flooring will last a lifetime!

Carpet cleaners
Using detergents and strong soaps not specifically manufactured for carpet cleaning are a bad idea. These materials might clean your carpet effectively, but they can cause problems such as re-soiling, color bleeding, and backing damage. Contempo recommends hiring professional carpet cleaners. Please call us for recommendations on cleaners in your area.


Use mats and rugs

At entry points to your house or rooms with carpet, it is extremely beneficial to place rugs or mats to make sure that dirt and debris are not carried into your rooms. Doing this will greatly reduce the presence of soiling. The mats and rugs that you place at your entry posts should also be cleaned regularly.

Loss of fiber

Newly installed carpet flooring can lose fibers in the first week of installation. The effect which can be identified as tufting or shedding is caused when the carpet yarn is spun in the manufacturing process. You should not be alarmed, as it is very common and considered a natural phenomenon in newly-installed carpet. You don’t have to do anything other than vacuum the yarn that has shed.

Spot removal
General tips for spot removal include soaking up the liquids with clean paper towels, scooping up or scraping liquids, identifying the spots before proceeding to treating them, and working at the edge of the spots to make your way inwards. Always remember to blot the stain and not to rub it in.  Apply small quantities of stain removal in a clean cloth and never into the stain directly. If you are using solvents, you have to make sure that the room has proper ventilation.


This is probably the most important maintenance that you can do to make sure that your carpet is regularly maintained. You have to vacuum at least once a week especially, in high traffic areas, so that soil and debris will not be permanently deposited in the carpet flooring.


Using protective treatments

Most manufactured carpet also comes with protective treatment to prevent the soiling and stains from spills. In the long run, these treatments will wear off and will not be as effective as when first installed. Contact Contempo to schedule an appointment to have your carpet’s stain resistance abilities evaluated.