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This premium Wilton carpet is meticulously crafted from 100% New Zealand wool, known for its superior softness and durability. Featuring a unique combination of cut pile and loop design, it offers an intriguing texture and sophisticated visual appeal. The natural qualities of New Zealand wool enhance the carpet’s luxurious feel and insulation properties, making it a perfect choice for adding warmth and elegance to any residential space. This carpet blends timeless craftsmanship with functional design.


Material: Wool

Color: White

Construction: Loop


To ensure your carpet lasts for years, follow these three basic rules: regular cleaning, vacuuming, and immediate spill management. Carpet Cleaners Avoid using detergents or soaps not made for carpet cleaning, as they can cause re-soiling, color bleeding, and damage. We recommend professional carpet cleaners—contact us for suggestions. Loss of Fiber New carpets may lose fibers (tufting or shedding) initially. This is normal and can be managed by regular vacuuming. Spot Removal For spot removal, soak up liquids with paper towels, scrape solids, identify the spot, and work from the edges inward. Always blot stains, never rub, and apply stain remover to a cloth, not directly to the stain. Ensure proper ventilation if using solvents. Vacuuming Vacuum at least once a week, especially in high-traffic areas, to prevent soil and debris from embedding in the carpet.

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