BR-111 Hardwood Flooring

BR-111 exotic hardwood flooring is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. BR-111 created the category for exotic hardwood flooring. Their look is natural. Their colors are amazing. Their conscience is clear. Their performance is legendary. Three times stronger than oak. And ten times sexier. BR-111 exotic hardwood flooring’s quality and character takes your breath away. Br-111 hardwood flooring is bold and dramatic grain from the most beautiful species in the world.

A look that transcends time – and stops people in their tracks. BR-111 hardwood is exotic to the core. Fun, fashionable and forward thinking. Anything but dull. It’s reflected in their passion, their people, and above all, their product. It’s how neighbors outshine neighbors. It’s’ like nothing else. It’s BR-111 exotic hardwood flooring.