Benefits of Carpeting

Carpet is a popular flooring choice among many households, and is often seen as a traditional choice. To understand why carpet is a popular choice, read along and discover the many benefits carpet has to offer.

Comfort & Warmth

Carpet has the ability to give warmth and thermal resistance. During winter, carpet retains warm air longer, which also makes it a source of energy conservation. Carpet is comfortable, making it great for playing, relaxing or even working. Wool is the best carpet fiber to help you maintain warmth. When it comes to retaining heat, carpet is believed to trap at least 10% of the heat in a room.

Beauty & Style

Carpet is readily available in many designs, styles and colors, ensuring that you will find the best carpet to match your room’s current design. Use your personality as a basis for choosing what carpet style and color you want to use. If you already have a bold and colorful room, carpet can provide a neutral tone. If you have a bold and stylish carpet, it can bring life to a dull room. Simply put, carpet can give you numerous and endless flooring possibilities.

Minimizes Injuries

If you have an active household that includes children, carpet is an advantage because it has the ability to minimize injuries. Carpet can cushion falls and slips, ultimately providing utmost safety for all members of your family. The cushioning properties of carpet also help prevent joint injuries and improve orthopedic problems.

Noise Reduction

Busy households are also generally noisy places.  If you want to soften your noise levels, carpet can help absorb these noises. If you want to reduce the noise levels further, add a carpet cushion to your carpet. It acts as a sound barrier between floors. This advantage is particularly helpful if you live in an apartment complex or condominium.

Conceals uneven floors

If you have flooring installed with another material, and the flooring is uneven, you can install carpet to hide the imperfections of your floor. Uneven floors can appear to be evened out by installing carpet.

Ease of care

Carpet is very easy to take care of. Contrary to the popular misconception that carpet is prone to stains and spills, new technology is now employed to make carpet more resistant to stains and spills.

Improves air quality

Recent studies show that wool carpet has the ability to improve indoor air quality because wool traps other allergy-causing substances in the floor (provided your carpet is well-maintained and regularly cleaned). The dust or allergens that accumulate in your carpet will be removed once you vacuum.

Affordability and Longevity

Carpet is relatively affordable, and at the same time it has a long life span. These two things ensure that you will get a great return on your investment over the life of the carpet.

Energy Saver

Using carpet in a wall-to-wall installation can greatly improve the insulation levels, or R-value, of a household. This will generally lower the utility costs of a home, and at the same time reduce the use of energy. The R-value, or thermal resistance, is the measure of how much a specific material can resist the movement of heat through the room. The higher the R-value of a home, the more effective the insulation. Carpet flooring can insulate heat better than any other flooring material available. However, the results vary depending on the carpet construction. The heavier and denser the carpet, the more flooring insulation it will provide.

Breathe Easy

Carpet has the natural ability to hold certain amounts of soil and dust without looking very dirty on the surface. Carpet has also proven to be an agent in trapping allergens efficiently, keeping them out of the air and preventing them from being inhaled. A government study concluded that when carpet was removed, people started complaining about the onset of allergies.