Cork is a natural and eco-friendly product that beautifully warms any room and blends well with any decor. Enjoy honey tones as well as green, yellow, red and gray colors.

No cork trees are ever cut down. Instead, only the bark of the tree is peeled without destroying the tree. It grows back in nine years, ready to be harvested again.

Whether in a child’s room, family room, music room, or kitchen – a cork floor is always a good choice. It absorbs sound and provides acoustical excellence. Cork floors are often used in public buildings including schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and offices.

Designs & Inspiration


Design Materials, Inc

Design Materials Inc. offers green cork flooring products. Their cork floors are durable and work well in high-traffic areas. Design Materials Inc. offers glue-down and floating cork floors. Check out their Oporto Plank Collection.
Design Materials, Inc


Ipocork Floors

Ipocork cork floors are naturally attractive and made with the highest quality materials which create an innovative and unique cork product. Ipocork uses the most modern processing techniques which provides a host of advantages.



QU-Cork cork floors are produced in Portugal. They are tested for durability and quality under strict supervision of the GMP to assure their integrity. GMP’s aim is to create some of the finest cork flooring products in the world.


US Floors Cork

US Floors offers cork flooring from 4 different lines: Earth and Classics, EcoCork, New Dimensions, & Cork Parquet Tiles. US Floors is a champion when it comes to natural cork floors. US Floors cork flooring is 100% natural and eco-friendly. A good value and great buy.
US Floors Cork


We Cork

WE Cork brings one of the highest levels of experience and quality in natural cork floor tiles, planks, and floating floors. Their cork collections include: Avant Garde Collection, Classic Collection, & Timeless Collection.
We Cork


Wicanders Cork Floors

Wicanders is a favorite among designers and homeowners. They offer cork tiles and planks in natural textures, as well as a palette of designer colors and patterns. Collections include:Luminous Poetry, Metallic Audacity, Rural Elegance, & Urban Expressions.
Wicanders Cork Flooring


APC Cork Flooring

APC Cork is one of the leading cork floor providers in North America. APC Cork’s cork floors have become very popular with commercial institutions as well as residential home-owners. APC Cork Floors create a modern look that is unique, as well as an environmentally safe alternate to other flooring products.
APC cork products

Capri Cork Floors

Capri Cork has become one of the most popular brands for floating cork flooring. Capri cork is dedicated to offering high quality commercial floor coverings. With many green flooring choices, all Capri products are earth friendly, durable, easy to maintain, and good looking. They have great cork flooring products for both residential and commercial uses.
Capri cork products

Expanko Floors

Expanko offers a traditional selection of cork flooring. With natural colors, styles and textures, Expanko is a leading manufacturer and has been noted in many architectural readings. Their focus is on resilient flooring, and cork definitely provides a nice cushion.
Expanko products

Globus Cork Floors

Globus Cork is an exclusive manufacturer of vibrantly colored cork flooring and cork wall tiles. Globus Cork pioneered the development of colored cork flooring, matching beauty and function in a sustainable flooring choice.
Globus cork products

Jelinek Cork Floors

The Jelinek Cork Group specializes in: cork flooring, cork under-layment, stoppers and closures for the wine and liquor industry, gaskets, cork fabric, cork for the music industry, fishing, and sporting goods cork.
Jelinek cork products
Jelinek Cork Group

Nova Distinctive Floors

Nova Distinctive Floors has been recognized by the industry as one of the top suppliers of cork flooring. Nova provides top-of-the line specialty flooring that is suited for both commercial and residential use. A vast selection of cork floors allows consumers to meet their design needs.
Nova cork products
Nova Distinctive Floors