Rubber flooring is now very popularly being used for residential floors. Rubber floors have long been (and still are) used in commercial areas like stairways, restaurants, and hallways.

Although rubber floors are man-made products, manufacturers have been doing their part to turn rubber into a green flooring product.

Rubber floors are available in glue-down tiles, interlocking tiles, rolls, and come in several different thicknesses. Rubber is tough, resilient, and easy to clean and maintain.

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Types of Rubber Flooring

There are several types of rubber flooring materials available. The most common is made from synthetic materials, which uses petroleum in the manufacturing. This type of rubber is commonly used for tires, but not for the home. Natural rubber is a better choice, since it is made from naturally sustainable processes that includes harvesting materials from rubber trees. Recycled rubber can come from both natural and synthetic rubber, and can be used for a variety of products.

Rubber flooring is usually sold in long sheets or rolls. You may find that rubber tiles make installation a simpler process. Rubber tiles are available in different styles and colors. Rubber is impact resistant and easy to maintain.

Where to Use Rubber Flooring

You will find rubber flooring in gyms, weight rooms, play rooms, basements and garages. This flooring material is an excellent choice when you are looking for a shock resistant, durable material that is simple to care for and easy to install. Rubber flooring is also excellent if you are looking for a solution for a high traffic area, such as living areas, business offices, or any publicly available area. Rubber flooring can provide a stable, yet giving, surface for many different activities.

Installing rubber flooring in your home is also one of the least expensive options available. Rubber flooring is a popular choice in the kitchen, where it is widely known for its durability and easy maintenance. You can clean rubber flooring in your home as you would any other non-porous surface. Typically, a mop and broom, as well as any cleaner that you like, are all that you need to keep your rubber floor looking great.


Residential Rubber Flooring

If you think that the rubber on your car tires is the same rubber that will be used on your rubber floor tiles, then you may be surprised to know that there are in fact several different types of rubber available. Most residential rubber flooring has low odor, and can be used in any area of the home. The rubber in your home will be similar to that used in gyms and workout areas, which also has a very low odor.

If you are looking for an innovative, eco-friendly flooring option, then rubber flooring in your home is an excellent choice. Rubber flooring is made from naturally energy efficient sources, and can give your home a new spice. Since rubber flooring can also be recycled, it is great for the environment.

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