Hardwood Flooring Styles | Widths

Hardwood flooring comes in many many different widths and lengths. Wide plank hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular, and is now even available in widths greater than ten inches. More classic looks use smaller strips of hardwood, and are usually more affordable. Each type of width creates a different look, feel, and mood.

Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring

One way of categorizing hardwood flooring depends on width. When hardwood flooring is more than 3 inches in width, it is considered plank hardwood flooring. Plank hardwood flooring gives a clean look, as well as comfort, coziness and modern/country style. Plank hardwood flooring usually comes from exotic trees, and is a preferred choice among homeowners. The characteristics of the wood grain are more present in plank hardwood flooring.

Plank hardwood flooring

Narrow Strip Hardwood Flooring

The most popular and most common type of hardwood widths is strip hardwood. Strip hardwood flooring is usually 2.25 to 3 inches in width. Because it is narrower compared to plank hardwood, using this strip hardwood creates the illusion of making a small room appear bigger than its actual size. Many people prefer the classic look of strip hardwood flooring, and in some cases it may provide more affordability.

Strip hardwood flooring

Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Parquet hardwood flooring is a fantastic contrast to standard hardwood flooring. Parquet is usually customized to the exact specifications of the buyer, and creates a very elegant look. Available in many modern patterns, as well as classic European styles, parquet adds tremendous value due to its customized design and unique appearance. It is a great design feature for large rooms like dining rooms, living rooms, and ballrooms.

Parquet hardwood flooring