Green Organizations


finish-image1Green flooring organizations are primarily created for the purpose of protecting green flooring labels as well as green certificates. There are many organizations which were created to monitor the environmental aspects of flooring.

Specific organizations cater to hardwood flooring, carpet and many other flooring options. The main aim of these organizations is to create an informational base which caters to customers regarding how green a product really is. In this section, different green organizations are featured, each having specific goals to bringing forth an awareness for green flooring.


finish-image1This organization’s primary aim is to help carpet flooring move towards a greener and more environmental route. Two programs were subsequently formed to ensure proper dissemination about their cause: The Green Label and The Green Label Plus programs. Both of these programs are created to help improve indoor air quality and to provide a Seal of Approval for carpet cleaners which are both green and effective. Another program that CRI has is the Carpet America Recover Effort (CARE) which promotes recycling and reusing carpet.
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finish-image1The main goal of the FSC is to raise awareness and initiate dialogue among different countries around the world with the topic of green flooring sustainability. The FSC has already been very successful in establishing green farming habits and monitoring wood cutting procedures in many countries. During the past years, the FSC has developed and maintained criteria principles and standards for effective farming of hardwood flooring to both social and economic levels. The main office of the FSC is located in Bonn, Germany and the US office is located in Washington, D.C.
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finish-image1The USGBC is a non-profit organization that promotes green sustainable building. This organization became widely known after it established the green certification award with the name LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Basically, LEED is a rating system that caters to green flooring in homes, neighborhoods, commercial structures, project certifications, professional accreditation, and Green educational programs.
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finish-image1The SBIC is a non-profit green trade organization which has the primary aim of improving the long-term performances of buildings. They carry on this mission through many channels such as advocacy, outreach programs, and educational programs. The SBIC also has an annual gathering which is called the “Beyond Green Awards program.”
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finish-image1Formed in 1990, the TFF is an international green organization that employs both education and training to promote the conservation and management of the world’s tropical forests used for green flooring. The TFF is also very much involved in improving logging practices through the use of research in order to increase the commercial green flooring value of logged forests. A majority of the members of the TFF are representatives from conservation and scientific communities.