Types of Cuts

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile carpet is noted for its elegance and array of solid hues. When the carpet loops are clipped, you create a cut pile carpet. Cut pile carpet is soft and dense with well-defined tips. Smoother finished carpet called “plushes” are a style of cut pile carpet. It is the most popular type of residential carpet.

Loop Pile Carpet

In loop pile carpet, the loops of the carpet are made the same size to create a very even and smooth surface. This even surface makes the carpet more durable and easier to maintain than other textured carpets. Many people select level loop carpet because it is easier to maintain. Loop pile carpet comes in an assortment of colors and thicknesses, ranging from flat and thin carpeting to thicker Berber carpets.

Patterned Loop Carpet

When the loops of a carpet remain uncut and the loops also have multiple heights, the result is a patterned loop carpet. This creates great textures and design patterns. These visible patterns in the carpet are created by using different colors, densities of yarn and pile heights.

Cut & Loop Carpet

A multilevel cut and loop carpet, where the taller loops are sheared, results in a very defined and sculptured carpet pattern. The texture and often subtle, variegated coloring helps to hide soil and traffic wear. When cuts and loops are combined, you can create a wide range of great carpet patterns.