Taking Care of Your Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is an easy-to-maintain material that only needs regular sweeping and keeping moisture levels down to a minimum. In fact, much of what helps to classify it as a green flooring material comes in the form of its environmentally friendly, hassle-free upkeep. If you care for your bamboo floors properly, you can enjoy them for many years into the future—perhaps even longer than hardwood floors! blog3

Protecting Your Bamboo Floor in High-Traffic Areas
Put area rugs, bamboo rugs, or natural fiber rugs on pathways that may experience high traffic. This keeps the bamboo floor from scuffing due to the high amount of traffic in a certain area. Place exterior mats in entryways to prevent dirt and other debris from coming onto the floor from the outside. Gravel and debris stuck in the bottom of shoes may scratch the finish of your bamboo floor.

In this regard, make sure to clean shoes well. It is also better if you remove shoes, particularly high-heeled ones, prior to stepping on bamboo flooring. If you have pets, remember to regularly trim your pets’ nails to prevent them from scratching and gouging the bamboo floor. When moving furniture from one place to another, lift them instead of dragging them along the floor.

Another thing to remember to better take care of your bamboo floor is to put floor protectors like felt pads under furniture legs. These must be kept clean and replaced periodically to prevent grit from accumulating under them. All things considered, however, these are most likely steps that you would want to take with virtually any type of flooring material, and as such, should probably not be considered to be “extra work” to have to do. They are simply good flooring care practices.

Dust and Moisture Free Bamboo Floors
When cleaning bamboo, a soft touch is best to prevent minute scratches on the surface. A padded cleaning head on your vacuum cleaner or a damp mop is most appropriate.
This method will keep dust and debris from accumulating and scratching your bamboo floor. You should also take care never to over wet your bamboo floor.

While it is resistant to moisture due to its tropical origins, it is best to minimize moisture exposure to help preserve the material. Mop spills using a damp cloth and dry immediately.
Another thing you can do to help keep moisture levels constant is to use a dehumidifier or humidifier. This keeps the relative humidity in a room at 30-50% and will help minimize cracks and shrinking between the boards (due to lack of humidity) or swelling of the floor (a cause of excessive humidity).

Cleaning Spills from Bamboo Floors
Should any spills or soiling occur, you should quickly wipe these away using a wetted cloth that has been squeezed dry. The area must be dried immediately. Follow mixing directions of any cleaner that is mixed with water. Abrasive cleansers and harsh detergents must not be used on your bamboo floor.

These guidelines will help ensure the longevity of your bamboo floor and keep it looking as great as it did when it was installed. After all, why would you make the investment if you had no intention of protecting it? With a minimal amount of effort, you can enjoy your bamboo floors for decades!

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